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Joseph McAllister pentaxian at mac.com
Sat Oct 3 04:59:43 EDT 2009

On Oct 3, 2009, at 01:50 , Bob W wrote:

> That's confusing two separate issues. Resizing the window is the  
> wrong way
> to achieve optimum line length for readability - you might as well  
> tell
> newspapers to supply papers one column wide.

Don't confuse newspapers with on screen email. Does not compute.

> Forcing a link to remain a link when it wraps is a different problem  
> and is
> about finding a way for the reader to recognise it as a link.  
> Someone else
> mentioned wrapping links in <>. I didn't know that the purpose of  
> that was
> to prevent readers from breaking links up, and I will start using it  
> - it's
> a lot easier than going to tinyurl.com.
> My email client is MS Outlook 2003. I can't work out how to set it  
> up with
> format=flowed. As soon as I figure that out I will set it up.
> Bob

Look for line length in preferences. Turn it off.

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