OT: Quote of the day

Bob W pdml at web-options.com
Sat Oct 3 04:27:33 EDT 2009

> >
> >  When's the last time you measured anything with cubits? 

People still do - it's not so different from pacing out a distance. 

> I was given very specific instructions for the boat I'm 
> building right now.  All of the measurements are in cubits, 
> which I find quite odd.
> I tried to plug them into a unit conversion app, but the 
> general contractor threw a fit.  Anyway, just thought you 
> guys should know that "somebody" is still using f'ing cubits.

Is the customer some sort of religious nut? Or perhaps a historian?

Have a look on Wikipedia - you have a great choice of cubits to use. You
could build different parts of the boat using different cubits. See how he
likes that!


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