how many (US) national parks have you been to?

John Sessoms jsessoms002 at
Fri Oct 2 23:09:06 EDT 2009

From: ann sanfedele
> John Sessoms wrote:
>> > From: ann sanfedele
>> >
>>> >> Are any of you guys watching Ken Burns's thing on the National 
>>> >> parks?   I'm liking it more and more
>>> >> but thought the first show was the weakest and may have put people 
>>> >> off the series...
>>> >>
>>> >> And relative to that, how many National Parks have you been to? 
>>> >>  Possibly some from the other side of the Pond
>>> >> have more on their list than some of  us who live here...
>>> >>
>>> >> I checked off  40 of the reported 58 though I think there might be 
>>> >> more that I visited before they were made into parks.
>>> >> (Great Basin, for one)
>> >
>> >
>> > I'm not watching because I still don't have a TV, and there's not 
>> > enough else worth watching for me to buy one. Plus, I already don't 
>> > spend enough time actually working on my photography, I don't need 
>> > another excuse for not getting busy.
>> >
>> > If my count is correct - 39.
> ya almost caught me  :-) 
> I was tv- less for 20 years -  1960 to 1980  -  I'm glad to "meet" 
> someone who is as interested in the Parks as am I.

Except for one year (Aug 2005 - Sep 2006) when I had an old TV someone 
gave me because the apartment I was living in while going to school had 
free cable, I've been TV less since 1996.

I watched a little National Geographic Channel, some History Channel and 
some Discovery Channel then if I had insomnia, but school didn't leave 
me much free time.

About a week after I moved back into my house from school, I came home 
and smelled smoke. The TV was doing something even though it wasn't 
turned on. Out the door it went. I hadn't even watched it - no cable and 
hadn't had time to pick up a set of rabbit ears for it.


As far as parks are concerned, I'm going on the theory if they're on the website, they're parks; whether they're named park, monument, 
historic site, seashore, parkway or what. lists it, it's a park for my purposes.

The FAQ for the Blue Ridge Parkway says it's a National Park even if 
it's called a Parkway.

If you add in National Forests and National Wildlife Refuges it just 
about doubles my number.


I looked at the list of the 58 "parks" and when they were created and 
noticed I have been to the two most recently created "parks", and that 
several parks I visited were apparently not national parks the first 
time I visited there - Death Valley, Saguaro, Petrified Forest and Congaree.

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