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On Oct 2, 2009, at 19:21 , Doug Franklin wrote:

> Graydon wrote:
>> I am typing this is in a terminal window, using a text editor (Vim)  
>> that
>> has its line wrap set to 72 for email.
> That's because the last eight "digits" of the 80-column card were  
> typically reserved for the "card sequence numbers" to fix you up  
> when you dropped a deck of a couple of thousand cards.

A schema that was carried over to sectors on floppy discs, in that the  
last byte in a sector pointed to the address of the next sector,  
allowing discontinuous sector writing (The first byte in a sector was  
the address of the sector the data had just come from). Hard drives  
worked the same way back when. I do not know how the formatting and  
sector addressing works these days. I imagine it's been modified to  
allow for faster reading and writing. I know Apple's OS-X keeps the  
files continuous by moving sectors around on the drive when it has  
some spare time. Can't think of the term at the moment.

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