OT - Portus

Mark Roberts mark at robertstech.com
Fri Oct 2 18:40:46 EDT 2009

Doug Brewer wrote:
>Bob W wrote:
>>> Cotty wrote:
>>>> Had the privilege of a quick trip to Rome on Tues/Weds this week to 
>>>> film amongst the archaeological excavations at the ancient Roman 
>>>> seaport or Portus. I know Stan the Man is big on antiquity, as are 
>>>> some others - Gianco! -  so thought you might like a look:
>>>> <http://www.seeingeye.tv/pages/portus.html>
>>> You have a very cool job.
>>> I like how the Romans called their port Port
>> It is in a town called Ostia. I don't recall from any Latin books or
>> histories it ever being called Portus, so I was very confused when the
>> archaeologists described it as Rome's only port - I wondered how they could
>> have forgotten about Ostia. A little googling sorted that out.
>I was somewhat confused about that as well, having just done some study 
>of the insulae in Ostia.

Boning up on Ostia, in other words?

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