Ned Bunnell on (was Re: Down?)

Joseph McAllister pentaxian at
Fri Oct 2 18:51:25 EDT 2009

On Oct 2, 2009, at 14:08 , Charles Robinson wrote:

>> And Ned Bunnell is interviewed...
> I was puzzled by one paragraph in the article:
> "....The fact that we were able to get back to them, on how people  
> liked this white K2000 within three months of running the test, and  
> now here we are in September announcing the No product information  
> for pentax_kx, which will be available in white, navy, red, and  
> black. That’s less than six months after the test. We were able to  
> turn the data around into a real product and eliminate any fear of  
> risk that colors would be a problem."
> What's with the all-red (not here, I send emails in plain-text) "No  
> product information for pentax_kx" part in there?

Wasn't there when I read it the first time, but sure is now. If I  
recall it was a link, in blue, to the K-x product page at

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