how many (US) national parks have you been to?

Boris Liberman boris71 at
Fri Oct 2 12:22:06 EDT 2009

Probably just one - the Yosemite.

I wish I could at least visit the Yellowstone and that place where Grand 
Canyon is, assuming it is a national park.


P.S. I've been to some National parks locally, but I reckon this does 
not count ;-).

ann sanfedele wrote:
> Are any of you guys watching Ken Burns's thing on the National parks?   
> I'm liking it more and more
> but thought the first show was the weakest and may have put people off 
> the series...
> And relative to that, how many National Parks have you been to? Possibly 
> some from the other side of the Pond
> have more on their list than some of  us who live here...
> I checked off  40 of the reported 58 though I think there might be more 
> that I visited before they were made into parks.
> (Great Basin, for one)
> ann

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