My first blog (GESO)

Doug Brewer doug at
Fri Oct 2 07:46:10 EDT 2009

Tim Øsleby wrote:
> 2009/10/2 Tim Bray <tbray at>:
>> On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 6:36 PM, Tim Øsleby <maritimtim at> wrote:
>>> I've decided. Now it is time to become cool.
>>> So I've created a blog
>> You are now much more fashionable.
>> Could the beautiful pictures be bigger?  -T
>> --
> Much more fashionable than ... ?
> Peter, one of the Daves, maybe even Mark?
> No, Mark already got a blog.
> The blog interface are less than intuitive. Nothing told me that the
> thingy generated thumbs, so I decided on a compromise on the size.
> Also near impossible to get the pictures where I want them.
> So I'm afraid we must live with the small size in this first post.
> Next time, I'll make them bigger.

You will come to loathe and despise blogger/blogspot.

But in the meantime, have fun. looks good so far.

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