K100 vs KM

MikeM mmo45018 at bigpond.net.au
Fri Oct 2 05:25:24 EDT 2009

My K10 and K100 both need repairing, I have been quoted $549 to replace the 
circuit board for the K100 and the K10 shutter is sticking. I have decided 
to get the K10 repaired but was thinking of replacing the K100 with a KM. I 
mainly used my K100 for wildlife shots along walking tracks, such as small 
birds, with my Tamron 70-300 or Pentax 18-250, depending where I walk. When 
the K100 started rebooting, sometimes before the shot was saved, I started 
taking the K10. As well as being heavier I have been unable to get wildlife 
shots as sharp and noise free as with the same lenses on the K100. I also 
have been taking more shots of each subject with the K10 because not all 
shots are sharply focused. There is no problem with subjects like cityscapes 
or portraits, it is mostly the low and variable light along the tracks, 
especially when the birds flit about in and out of shade, where the K100 
gets better results. I have been fiddling with the settings since I bought 
the camera. I always shoot in raw.

If I buy the KM are the images likely to be more similar to the K100 or the 


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