WB and exposure

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On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:12 PM, Dario Bonazza <dario.bonazza at virgilio.it> wrote:
>> Following the discussion about exposure and WB, I was skeptical that WB
>> setting could affect exposure metering, as in a SLR the meter cells are
>> independent from the sensor. So I've tested it on my K20D.
>> I've taken three Av exposures in tungsten light (one with Auto WB, another
>> one with Daylight WB and the last one with Tungsten WB). As expected,
>> shutter speed was the same and the histograms of the three shots look
>> identical.
>> Dario
> As a side note,  I believe the possible underexposure that someone noticed
> when shooting under tungsten light can be due to reaching the lower limit of
> the meter range. Once you're there, the camera stops incrementing the
> shutter speed for getting a proper exposure in dim light. Be aware that
> going below the lower limit of the meter is common when shooting shows such
> as music indoors and the like.

Or the lens cap is still on the lens.

> Dario
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