Markham fair photo contest

David J Brooks pentkon52 at
Thu Oct 1 18:23:40 EDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 1:57 PM, Mark Roberts <mark at> wrote:
> David J Brooks wrote:
>>I was very pleased at the photo contest results. Two 1st place, one
>>2nd, two 4ths and two 5ths, in the print classes. They were still
>>putting the digital results together when we were there. Back on
>>Saturday to watch the horse show and get Liz a coffee whilst she
>>announces for the horse show.
>>I'll see how i did in the digital then.
>>I entered 10 in digital and 18 in prints(6 B&W and 12 colour). I';ll
>>post a small Geso when i know whats what.
>>Warning for the squeamish, some shots are with the Nikon cameras.
> You still using the D1?

Yes, but not that much. Mostly D2H, D200 and the K10D.

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