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On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 09:51:39PM +0100, mike wilson wrote:
> John Sessoms wrote:
> >From: Larry Colen
> >
> >>Last year I had thanksgiving with a friend I used to date. She is
> >>exactly a year younger than me. At that thanksgiving dinner, out of 12
> >>people, 4 of us were born on Sept. 6th.
> >>
> >>On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 09:00:49AM +0200, AlunFoto wrote:
> >>
> >>>> 2009/9/30 John Francis <johnf at panix.com>:
> >>>
> >>>>> > Our maths teacher sprung this one on us in the 5th form
> >>>>> > (ob.us - around 11th grade). ?He asked us to estimate the
> >>>>> > probability that two people in our class of around 30
> >>>>> > shared the same birthday. ?He chose a few people to guess,
> >>>>> > before he revealed the answer. ?I was one of the two top
> >>>>> > maths performers in the class, so he saved me until last.
> >>>>> > My guess? ?100% ! ? ?That surprised him somewhat, until I
> >>>>> > pointed out that we had two sets of twins in the class ...
> >
> >
> >In my life time, I have met several persons with my name, including one 
> >who had my exact first, middle and last name.
> >
> >But I have never met anyone who shared the same birthday.
> I have somebody living next door with exactly the same name.  I have 
> enough trobles with the taxman over that - God help me if our birthdays 
> were the same, too.

If anyone on this list plays Role Playing Games, they may know the
company "Ross Talsorian Games". The owner was a buddy of mine in
college named "Mike Smith". Mike is black, and in the late seventies,
and early 80's there weren't a lot of black guys in Davis.

At the time, Mike's daily driver was a beat up '65 'cuda we called
"Mother Mopar". She was a bit long in the tooth, but there are some
amusing stories about other drivers being taught what 273 godfearing
American cubic inches could do.

As a black guy, in a mostly white college town, driving a beat up
older car, Mike got pulled over regularly for Driving While Black. On
at least two occasions he was subsequently arrested and taken to jail,
because someone typed in the wrong birthday when entering warrants for
another Mike Smith.

Shortly before Mike married his girlfriend, Lisa Pond, he changed his
name to Pondsmith. That helped with the misentered warrants. Since he
worked at the library for King law school, he bought a window sticker
for the law school and put it on the car. I don't think he was pulled
over for DWB in Davis after that. I guess that cops find harrassing
law students more trouble than it's worth.

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