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Thu Oct 1 16:56:13 EDT 2009


I've used Adobe CameraRaw with de default setting and no automatic 
correction. Sharpning was set to 20. So this could affect testresults, 
althow this amount of sharping is normal in every day use. All images where 
judged with the same settings.
I've tested the setting of sharpening before setting it to 20. And I found 
it te be a good point making a fair compare of the resolution. No sharpening 
made it a bit more difficult to make repeatable judgement of resolution. 
Setting it higher then 30 created artifarcts and would lead to false 
conculsions. I found 20 good, and also the sharping I mostly apply seem to 
be between 15 and 25.

I know this isn't a perfect test, none is, but I already made these test for 
myself and want to share them with the world. The figure that I've got seems 
to confirm my subjective feeling about some lenses.

kind regards,

>Pascal, I read your blog before I asked. :-)
>What I would like to know is how you judge the exposures. If you apply
>sharpening to the exposures before counting line pairs, for example.
>Which raw file converter you use is also important, as they seem to
>vary in their ability to extract detail. And also which settings for
>contrast, sharpness, etc. you used in the camera.
>2009/9/30 Pascal De Pauw < at>:
>> Hi Jostein,
>> Quote from my blog:
>> Testnote:
>> For testing I used a ISO 12233 resolution chart as testing object with 
>> the
>> camera mounted on tripod using the self-timer and mirror-lockup.
>> Extra info:
>> I've printed two A3 testcharts and put them together to a A2 chart. 
>> Putting
>> them on the wall and using a gitzo tripod to take raw pictures. I 
>> analysed
>> it by just looking at them but did it twice and when there where big
>> differences I checked it again.
>> regards,
>> Pascal. 

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