Cokin polarizer delaminated

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at
Thu Oct 1 13:14:55 EDT 2009

P. J., I dropped one loong ago, before the days of circular polarizers - 
and it delaminated some right after the impact, but stopped despite 
being kept in a drawer for 12+ years. Found it in january, still looking 
the same - just a semi circle delaminated radiating from the ding in the 

Moisture is a problem - but the pesky filter was stored with silica, 
along a lens and some other bits and filters and the rest is looking the 
same as before. The BH pair - circular polarizers, 52 & 58mm - is 
outside, in the bag since before the P adapters were released and is 
still perfect.

Not a huge setback, but annoying. I'd rather understanding, so it 
doesn't happens again.


P. J. Alling escreveu:
> I've never had a polarizer delaminate, but moisture will do it.
> Luiz Felipe wrote:
>> Just received a piece of no-good news. Unpacked my Cokin set and 
>> discovered my once lovely polarizer is de-laminating badly. Any clues 
>> to motive? Did this happen to anyone else??
>> lf

Luiz Felipe
luiz.felipe at

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