Tomorrow night, I go pro

Luiz Felipe luiz.felipe at
Thu Oct 1 08:53:41 EDT 2009

Sorry about the guitar job - but I do hope you get way more than 10 
shots like the tomorrow night, each month. Just holler if you need an 
assistant. ;-)

Not to mention other photos...


Larry Colen escreveu:
> The guitar showcase job didn't work out. By the time I called her she
> had found someone else. The timing would have been rough for me
> anyways. 
> The deal is that ebay needs photos of products, and someone there
> manages to talk various stores into letting them come in and shoot
> product in the store (in exchange for copies the photos or whatever).
> So, it looks like tomorrow night I've got a 9-5 job shooting pictures
> of about 50 products, makeup and the like.
> All I need are about 10 shoots like this a month to pay my bills. :)

Luiz Felipe
luiz.felipe at

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