Words of Wisdom

Brendan MacRae brendanmacrae1969 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 4 17:03:05 EST 2009

My aunt is married to the son of Will Connell, a well known photographer of many, many years ago. Will Jr. and I talk a lot about "the Old Man," mostly because I'm a photographer, too, but also since I've been the middleman for auctioning off some of the "Old Man's" gear (that which isn't a part of the collection at the California Museum of Photography).

Connell wrote a few books. One called "About Photography" was published in 1949. I was given a copy by Will Jr. and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A number of aphorisms stand out. Here's a good one:

"Every medium suffers from its own particular handicap. Photography's greatest handicap is the ease with which the medium as such can be learned. As a result, too many budding neophytes learn to speak the language too long before they have anything to say."




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