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Mark Roberts msroberts01 at
Wed Sep 17 20:19:52 EDT 2008

Doug Franklin wrote:
> frank theriault wrote:
>> When Mark and Dave and I head down to GFM we're a couple of hours
>> driving through West Virginia.  It's beautiful-but-kind-of-sad
>> country.  Hard to imagine how such a place could be economically
>> viable (coal and tourism seem to be about the only industries - and no
>> one but the owners seem to be getting rich from those).
> They do a pretty decent business in untaxed liquor, too. (Also known as 
> "moonshine" :-) )  You might be surprised at the financial position of a 
> few of those guys who look like a backwoods hick from Central Casting. 
> Of course, a lot are just as comparatively bad off as they seem to be.

There's some pretty serious moonshine operations out there. Places with 
virtual private armies where the police don't even like to go. Dealing 
in moonshine and North Carolina's second biggest cash crop (after 
tobacco, of course) - marijuana.

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