PESO - Near Cannonville, Utah

Doug Brewer doug at
Thu May 29 09:25:48 EDT 2008

On May 29, 2008, at 2:11 AM, Bruce Dayton wrote:

> Here I grew up in Utah and have never heard of that town.  I do know
> about Kodachrome basin, though, thanks to Bill Robb.
> Interesting shot - somewhat reminds me of a couple of Joseph
> Tainter's shots.  Are you considering a little series with this one
> or just the one?
> --  
> Best regards,
> Bruce

Thanks, Bruce. Joe Tainter's shots of the Real West have been very  
interesting to me, so I'm thrilled you see a little similarity to  
them here. I do envision further study of the subject of decay.

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