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> On 5/26/08, SJ < at> wrote:
> >  it seems to be that time of the year again when everyone is
> > heading for the mountains. starting may 31, a couple of us are
> > riding out from new delhi on a 5000-km, three-week motorcycle ride
> > through the Indian himalayas, across spiti and ladakh.
> Wow. Take lots of pictures.
> I've seen a couple of ride reports from folks over on
> about similar trips in the Himalayas. There is no terrain anywhere
> else in the world that looks like that.

hi Mat,

went there in july 2006 (the 'roads' are open only for 4 months in a
year, rest of the time they are closed because they are under 60-70
feet of snow). and like you say, nothing like it anywhere else, except
perhaps tibet on the other side of the border. from what i have seen on
advrider, the terrain (and the culture) is the same.

lots of us indian bikers on advrider. really enjoyed metaljockey's
RRs... :-))

have lots of photos from my previous 2006 ride but it was a p&s. will
try and get some decent photos this time with the k10d/16-45mm..

regards, subash

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