Microsoft and Hoya Pentax join forces.

Bruce Walker bruce.walker at
Fri May 16 16:17:20 EDT 2008

Lucas Rijnders wrote:
> If I replace my ageing PC, I will be looking hard at a nice portable mac  
> to complement my wife's iMac. I really liked the small 13" ones they had a  
> couple of months ago... The are one or two windows-only (CAD) applications  
> I'd like to run, but dual-boot would be fine for that.

Just a quick suggestion: VMware (about $79) is way nicer for running a 
few Windows apps on your Mac than dual-booting it (ie Bootcamp).  VMware 
allows you to pretty-much treat your Mac as a native Windows host, and 
run Windows apps along side your native Mac ones on the same screens.  
It now fully supports dual-screens too.



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