Microsoft and Hoya Pentax join forces.

Bob W pdml at
Fri May 16 12:13:41 EDT 2008

It's very impressive technically, despite terms like 'visual photos'
and 'visual cameras', but I don't think you need to be disturbed. I
don't expect you'll be forced to contribute your pictures to it
against your will (they are still copyright after all), and your
pictures' intended use and context remains as long as you preserve it.

The presenter didn't mention anything about time, which is an
important part of how we see a photo. A picture represents its subject
matter in a small fraction of a second, but the composite of Notre
Dame is not built from pictures taken in the same fraction of a
second, so it represents something that never existed. At best it's an
approximation of Notre Dame (as any picture is, of course). I wonder
how it deals with times when there's scaffolding on the building, or
rainy days versus sunny days, or pictures taken in 1943 versus
pictures taken this morning.

If Google takes a photo from space of Cotty lying naked in his garden,
and this software merges it with a picture taken a couple of years ago
of the previous owners lying naked in the next spot, what will people
think they're seeing?

It should raise some interesting questions.


> I'm finding this somewhat disturbing.  Your hard won 
> photographs are now 
> nothing more than data.  Your intended use and context is
> Maybe that doesn't disturb anyone else...
> Bong Manayon wrote:
> > Here's another link that caught my attention...
> >
> > 
> ragon-and-photosynth/
> >
> > "Metaverse...!?!"
> >   

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