Pentax K28mm 3.5 shift

P. J. Alling webster26 at
Thu May 15 08:18:58 EDT 2008

Then I'd have to buy Pentacon lenses.  Hell, when I was looking at the 
Pentax 28mm shift it was selling for around $1000 used if the dealer 
knew what they had, and I didn't run into any who didn't.  The real 
utility comes into play on shorter FL lenses, (most manufactures of 
these types of lenses produce them in 28-35mm FL for 35mm cameras)..  
Now that I shoot mostly APS digital I don't see the need nearly as much. 
The Pentax shift lens is a short normal on a Pentax Digital camera. When 
I shoot 35mm I scan the film and manipulate it in Photoshop anyway.

Sandy Harris wrote:
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 5:38 AM, P. J. Alling <webster26 at> wrote:
>> First off you got the bargain of the century, I was looking into a shift
>> lens some time ago and decided I couldn't afford the Pentax it was just
>> too expensive.  I hate you.
> If you want a cheap shift lens, does this do you any good?
> Adapter turns a Pentacon 6 mount medium lens into a shift lens on 35
> mm SLR. $95 new. New P6 lenses from the same source are mostly in
> the $200 to $300 range. Zeiss made lenses for that mount. Maybe you
> could find a good used lens?

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