Question: Has digital photography improved your skills?

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Sat May 10 10:58:31 EDT 2008

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Subject: Question: Has digital photography improved your skills?

> Just curious that's all, I'll be getting a digital soon too. If you can't
> beat em, join em, lol. The wife blew off
> 87 snaps yesterday at a school event yesterday, she is in hog heaven. I
> guess the point I am trying to get across
> is if you have the ability to fire 20 shots at the same subject, are you
> going to take the same amount of set-up
> time for f/stop, exposure, background, composition, etc. as you would with
> film?

I've found that while digital gives me more free reign to play around and test stuff out (for
example, I've wasted probably 200 exposures testing the K20 metering system with manual aperture
lenses), when push comes to shove, my tendency is to be less thoughtfull about what I shoot.
With film, if I lined up a shot and didn't like what I was seeing, I'd look elsewhare for a
picture. Now if I do the same thing, I'm just as likely to push the button anyway.
As far as camera setting go, I'm familiar enough with what works for what I want so that the
camera settings part of the process is pretty much muscle memory on my part, and I don't really
give camera settings much thought.
I think for someone just starting out, the digital learning curve will be much cheaper and 
faster, since the results are right there at hand. The other side of this is that a lot of 
people get caught up in the whole 200% screen view thing and stop making pictures (if they ever 
started) and just whine about the fact that their still close to infant technology equipment 
that is being sold at bargain basement prices isn't perfect.

William Robb

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