Should I care about film?

Michael S. Keller samsara at
Mon May 5 10:03:13 EDT 2008

I've been out of serious camera shopping for so long that only now did I 
notice the absence of Pentax film cameras in the product lineup. Should 
I care? I was thinking of getting another, but is it worth it? Or if I 
ever shoot film again, should I just use the Nikon P&S I inherited from 
my father? My primary love with film was black & white, where I started 
with my grandfather when he showed me the fun of darkroom work. My 
fondest shooting memories from those days was of dipping into Ilford 
HP-5 and carrying it all the way to prints, with the necessary frugality 
of using the same developer for everything in the chain (D-76, no stop 
bath, whatever fixer I had).

Do I want to go to that expense again for equipment that is already 
aging and for which there may never be new parts again?


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