Hi all

Steve Larson stevenlarson at verizon.net
Sun May 4 15:05:35 EDT 2008

Hiya Sask Bill,
 Thank you sir !!  This ist D is for the wife, so the smaller the better. I 
will do the battery switch for
sure that you spoke of. It really sounds like a sweet camera.
 I am still painting houses :) Everything good with you?


> Welcome back Steve.
> Of all the ist series cameras, I like the istD the best, although it is 
> the poorest performing
> one of the lot. It is very slow to write pictures to the card, which can 
> be a trmendous
> annoyance. OTOH, it's picture quality is excellent, and I don't think 
> Pentax has matched the
> build quality in anything they've put out since. It is also a very small 
> camera, which is
> something I have grown to appreciate now that I am using a K20.
> The istD will mount any Pentax K mount lens of any age, and other than the 
> standard caveats
> regarding Ricoh Ka-R mount lenses, any K mount lens will work on that 
> camera, as will M42 lenses
> (with adaptor).
> I've made prints up to 16 x 50 inches from istD files (cropped to 
> panoramic, not stitched
> exposures) with good results, and very good 12 x 18 prints straight out of 
> the camera (in camera
> JPEGS, rather than RAW). There is a battery grip for the istD which makes 
> it nicer to shoot
> with, especially verticals. The istD is battery sensitive. We used to have 
> all sorts of
> complaints about the cameras doing weird things, to the point that the 
> standard reply was to try
> AA Lithiums before sending the camera off for service. I gave up on NI-MH 
> rechargables with the
> camera and started using CR-V3 batteries instead. No problems with the 
> camera after that.
> I would certainly buy an istD over a Canon, just so that I could use 
> Pentax lenses. If you can
> free up the funds, consider a new K200, or possibly a K10 if you can find 
> one.
> Are you still boarding houses?
> William Robb

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