Idiot's Guide to GFM

Cory Waters cbwaters at
Mon Apr 28 20:12:43 EDT 2008

Rebekah wrote:
> Well guys,
> this year will be my first year at GFM.  (yeah!)
> So, if anyone would kindly take the time....
What do I bring?
Camera gear you'll use or want to show off.  Everything from long johns 
and heated socks to shorts and sun screen.  Seriously.  Rain gear too.  
If you don't have good rain gear, buy some it WILL rain.   Extra clothes 
because you'll get wet.  Hiking boots. Tripod. Bunny ears, etc.

What do I leave behind?
Stuff that you won't use, I guess. Do not leave behind your rain gear 
(see the pattern here?).  When you see what all I bring, you'll laugh.

When should I arrive?
The "Staff" sometimes arrive on Wednesday night.  Some PDML folks who 
are camping (myself included) usually arrive Thursday .  Mark climbs the 
mountain and camps up there Thursday night (spooooky). The bulk of the  
"contestants" arrive Friday afternoon. 

Where do I go to find you guys?
The picnic ground about halfway up the mountain on the right.  Look for 
the bathroom and you'll be right there with us :)

 Should I bring food?
There is a dinner included in your entry.  We traditionally ear 
breakfast at the restaurant one day.  Don has traditionally made lunch 
on Saturday but it's easy to miss if you're out shooting or editing your 
work.  If there is something you have to eat or drink, bring it.  If 
you're a coffee snob for instance, bring your own.  There's usually some 
food around at PDML central.  We've had pot-luck on Thursday night 
too... It just depends.  We *may* plan a meal or two but who knows?

 What kind of food?
Um... so yeah, whatever.  If you have a specialty that everybody 
loves... bring it.  Bring snacks and soft drinks... not everybody drinks 
beer (Oh the horror!)

How much camping gear do I need?
As much as you need to be comfy.  There will be camping gear around but 
since you're driving, I'd bring your normal camping kit (I assume here 
that you camp).  If you don't camp...Bring good warm sleeping gear, some 
way to fix whatever you plan to eat.

What are you packing in your camera bag and what do you suggest?
I think I'm just going to bring the K10 and the lenses I know I'll use.  
Nobody is much interested in my old Super Program and MX anymore.

Should I bring a laptop?
Yes.  Can I use it?
Basically, can anyone tell a first-timer how GFM goes, what to bring,and 
what to expect, and where to go?
> Thanks....I'm so excited!!
Thanks for posting, now I'm excited too!
> rg2


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