OT - Vulcan Bomber for the airheads

Christian pteralight at aim.com
Wed Apr 16 15:33:39 EDT 2008

Scott Loveless wrote:
> Cotty wrote:
>> On 16/4/08, Christian, discombobulated, unleashed:
>>> Those things bombed the Falklands while I was living in Argentina.
>> Interestingly, and aside from carrying the British nuclear deterrent
>> during the cold war, that was the only action a Vulcan ever saw.
> That sure is a pretty plane.
> The ship that sank was formerly a WWII era US cruiser.  

That would be the Belgrano formerly USS Phoenix (CL-46), apparently a 
survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Horrible loss of life when it was torpedoed mostly due to the fact that 
the water was so cold.


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