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>  > anyone care to continue?
>  On the other channel:
>  Dusty Harry has finally cornered the villain...
>  "Well, punk, this is the 600/4 - the biggest lens that Pentax makes - and it can show the whiskers on your chin from a block away.  I know what you're thinking; you saw me put a 2Gig card in and you're wondering did he make 188 or 189 exposures.
>  So do you feel lucky, punk?"

Over at MTV:
(Sung to the tune, King of the Road.)

Cameras for sale or rent.
Lens hoods are 50 cents.
Old worn out aperature rings.
Ain't got no lenses with dings.

Two hours of manual reading
Can;'t help my pan and subject leading
I'm a man of Pentax with no means.
King of the road.


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