Hello and PESO:Cat in a Bag

Allison Trueman allisontrueman at mac.com
Fri Apr 11 22:41:18 EDT 2008

I see you took advantage of the Chihuly show at Phipps. I went too,  
but I was with my mom and aunt - two people who would not want me to  
take all of those pictures while they were around. Did you get to see  
it at night? I heard it was wonderful at night, but I was only there  
during the day. In your shot I love the reflections in the water - the  
lines from the building make nice subtle leading lines to the glass in  
the lower right.

I am recently back to Pittsburgh. I grew up here (I have lived in  
Churchill, Murrysville, Squirrel Hill, and Harrison City). I don't  
know Sean, but that is because I have only been with the Art Institute  
since July and I am not at the school much when high school is in  
session. I am sure that I will get a chance to meet him in the summer  
when I get to be at the school everyday.

On Apr 11, 2008, at 9:23 PM, Mark Roberts wrote:

> Allison Trueman wrote:
>> Hi Everyone!
>> I am new to the list, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce  
>> myself.
>> My name is Allison Viron and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I have been
> reading the
>> PDML for about 2 1/2 weeks now, but I didn't want to comment on it
> until I said hi.
> Hello Allison. I'm also in Pittsburgh. Been here about 5-1/2 years  
> now.
> Good to have you on board.
> A couple of Pittsburgh photos on my web page:
> http://www.robertstech.com/pages/fotoblog/7d506210.htm
> http://www.robertstech.com/pages/fotoblog/7d203110.htm
> http://www.robertstech.com/pages/fotoblog/7d701968.htm
>> My paying job is with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh; I am an
> Admissions Recruiter.
> Do you know Sean Benedict (teaches video production there)? I went to
> grad school at Duquesne with him, though I think he's still a course  
> or
> two away from finishing his masters.
>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/8147248@N03/562543034/
> Ah, a cat shot! List lurker Mike Johnston *will* be pleased!
> (He's famous for disliking photos of cats and/or flowers.)
> My S.O. and I have two cats, but I rarely get photos of them.
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