DA* 16-58/2.8 and the flat focus problem

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Tue Apr 8 19:56:46 EDT 2008

I think the DA* 16-50/2.8 is an aberration. All my other lenses check out quite nicely. Some adjustment dials them in more precisely, but they're all within acceptable range. Apparentlly there's some problem involved in the manufacture of the DA* 16-50 that sometimes results in a plane of focus that's not uniform. That's a different kind of problem than front focus or back focus. It can't be corrected with the controls or even with normal service procedures. That being said, I'm not sure that a lot of shortcuts aren't being taken in manufacturing these days.
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> From: "Jack Davis"
> Subject: Re: DA* 16-58/2.8 and the flat focus problem
> > Is the current lens focus fracas something that's just being noticed
> > with the advent of the ability to discern and correct/adjust or is it
> > something new?
> > Makes me a bit uneasy and suspicious of all my lenses.
> > Did B&H press for the "controlled conditions" applied in testing your
> > 16~50 prior to agreeing to replace it?
> Personally, I think quality control among all the manufacturers has gone to hell 
> in a 
> handbasket. It's the price we pay for demanding that they put products on the 
> market as quickly 
> and as cheaply as they can.
> William Robb 
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