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Tue Apr 8 05:54:31 EDT 2008

That totally nails it, Bob.

One other thing I'll note. On many many other photogroups, there are 
fractally obtuse discussions about gear, which lens is sharper than 
which, what is a better technique for noise reduction, who has the 
uber-er camera. But when it comes down to showing their results, I could 
ask my 2 year old nephew to take a more inspiring photo.

PDML is different because the photo is the thing. Not all PESOs are 
knockout, of course (myself included), but at least we haven't lost 
sight of the aim of the game.

Might I also add, on many other lists, the standard of wit, grammar and 
grace is several orders of magnitude lower than on this.


Bob Sullivan wrote:
> rg2,
> Once upon a time, this list did a lot of talking about equipment and
> good natured ribbing of one another and big flame wars with the usual
> juvenile attitudes.  This was all before digital photos and when it
> cost us $2-$5 per picture to get anything scanned.  Posting your
> photos was an expensive, time consuming thing and you picked your best
> shots for the PUG.
> I will say that we have evolved/devolved a lot with the introduction of digital.
> Like Rick, I like seeing what other people are shooting for
> inspiration and ideas.
> I also like to see what is happening in our collective lives - like
> your daughter's portrait in this month's PUG.
> It helps me build a sense of community and connection to all of you.
> It is also a devolution of sorts.  How do I put this tactfully?
> Sometimes I feel people are just dumping their shots onto the list and
> seeing if anybody else thinks they are something special.  I wish they
> did a bit more editing before showing.
> My strategy, with the help of gmail threaded messages, is to just
> delete a lot of PESO's.  When 2 or 3 other people I trust start raving
> about the photos, I'll stop and take a look - maybe even contribute a
> comment.
> My other strategy is to watch new people who are developing.  I like
> to encourage new folks when I can and let them know their efforts are
> paying off.  We are a group with varying levels of experience, and
> I've certainly benefited from what I've learned here.  I would like to
> offer that same hand up to others.
> So do some editing of your own.
> You don't need to look at every photo - others will point to the good ones.
> You don't need to comment on every photo you look at - if you just
> saying 'Me Too', maybe it's not necessary.
> Save your critiques for those who need or deserve the commentary.
> Regards,  Bob S.
> On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Rebekah <rg2pdml at> wrote:
>>  It seems that an increasing majority of the emails I receive from the
>> list are PESOs.  If I could do so delicately, I'd like to try and
>> suggest that we as a list impose a limit of sorts on ourselves
>> concerning PESOs.  It was done with "For Sale Friday", perhaps we can
>> come to some sort of agreement around PESOs?
>> rg2
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