PESO: My First Lightroom Rendering with question

Christine Aguila caguila at
Mon Apr 7 22:35:38 EDT 2008

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From: "P. J. Alling" <webster26 at>

> It's a good shot, but seems a little washed out to my eye.  There's
> nothing wrong with that if you were looking for that effect.

I did the grayscale & somehow kept some color.  I'll follow Rick's advice & 
check the history--see what I did.

> However fht K10D PEF files are a fair bit smaller than DNG files so
> you'll get more frames on a card with PEFs.

That's interesting to know!  Thanks, Christine

>   I think the results with
> DNG or PEF in Lghroom will be identical.

Thanks, Peter.

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