Scott Loveless pdml at
Mon Apr 7 19:07:01 EDT 2008

Rebekah wrote:
>  It seems that an increasing majority of the emails I receive from the
> list are PESOs.  If I could do so delicately, I'd like to try and
> suggest that we as a list impose a limit of sorts on ourselves
> concerning PESOs.  It was done with "For Sale Friday", perhaps we can
> come to some sort of agreement around PESOs?
> rg2
I think you're going to run into serious resistance if you try to do 
anything at all to regulate what happens on this list.  Unlike other 
lists and forums, of which most are moderated, the chatter and volume of 
the PDML gives it a freewheeling, dysfunctional family-type feel.  And 
some of us like that.

Seriously, if you want to not get so much PESO mail, just set up a 
filter that sends them to their own folder or /dev/null or where ever.

Scott Loveless

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