Flash trigger voltage measurement.

jim sup8pdct at eftel.net.au
Tue Apr 1 08:15:37 EDT 2008

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008 21:45:24 +0200, Thibouille wrote:

The magazine is called silicon chip and it does have a web site. unfortunatily due to copyright I cannot directly copy the mag artical. 
The mag has only just come out and it is an australian mag so don't forget to add the .au. unfortunatily again, one must subscribe to the online one as well.
I will grab a pic of the way to measure the trigger voltage but please don't tell anyone what I am doing....................
the link is:

www dot eftel dot com dot au


trigger voltage dot jpg


>> James,
>>  I would be interested to see the article. What magazine is it?
>>  thanks
>>  Godfrey

>I think A LOT of people would be happy to see a way of getting real
>values, after seeing the very different values floating on the net.


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