PEOW: Cormorant II

Bruce Dayton bkdayton at
Mon Nov 26 11:15:38 EST 2007

The whole bird is better.  I think I would crop just a little off the
top.  Nice work - I suspect you are liking that lens <grin>.

Best regards,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 8:19:10 AM, you wrote:

JT> Some of you may have seen the head shot of my Cormorant that Mark
JT> pointed out (posted on DPreview). Godfrey was correct in that I don't
JT> usually exclude much of the context in my bird images, but I guess I
JT> was just emulating the Canon and Nikon guys with the major crop just
JT> for something different for a change. I had no idea that the  
JT> Cormorant was the official bird of the PDML, else I would have posted
JT> this shot here first.
JT> I had shot some different ones at this same location last year when I
JT> had the K500/4, but when I was driving  by recently and this time
JT> noticed the colored buildings in the background I had to turn around
JT> and go back for a few frames. I'm glad I did. Comments and critique
JT> welcome as always. (K10D/FA*250-600/5.6/Benro 1325/Markins M10 &  
JT> Wimberley Sidekick)

JT> Thanks for looking,
JT> JayT

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