FS Friday - M lenses and some other goodies

Scott Loveless pdml at twosixteen.com
Fri Nov 23 12:53:27 EST 2007

M35/2.8 BGN	$50  Surface marks on the barrel and paint nicks in the
filter threads.
M50/1.7 EX	$60
M85/2	BGN	$150 This one has a few paint nicks in the filter threads and 
will not stop down to f22.  I can see no difference between f16 and f22. 
   I contacted Eric Hendrickson last year about this problem, and he 
told me that it might be a loose diaphragm pin.  He also said that if it 
was a diaphragm pin, he could fix it for about $30.

*ist (film body) with battery grip.  There is a small rub on the body. 
Otherwise, it's cosmetically in very nice shape.  The shutter release 
button on the body is not working properly.  When depressed half-way it 
will focus/meter/whatever it's supposed  to do, but the shutter will not 
release when the button is pushed all the way down.  The shutter release 
on the battery grip is working fine.  I'm guessing the switch on the 
body is either damaged or dirty.  No guarantees.  Includes body cap. 
Make me an offer.

MX winder.  Cosmetically rough, but it works.  I bought this a while 
back from a fellow PDMLer.  I think I paid about $35 for it.  So $30 
sounds good to me.

Paypal preferred.  Actual shipping costs will be added.

Scott Loveless

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