To those who submit to the Pentax Photo Gallery

Mark Roberts msroberts01 at
Tue Nov 20 18:36:48 EST 2007

William Robb wrote:

>From: "Mark Roberts"
>>>I think Pentax had a wonderful idea, but by refusing to put the ongoing
>>>resources required into the gallery, they have diluted the concept.
>> I strongly suspect it isn't so much a matter of "refusing" as not
>> having the money. This ain't Canikon we're dealing with.
>Do you really think that the way they are doing it is costing any less 
>doing it the right way?

Yes. A lot. 
I know what they'd have to pay people for this and I can make a pretty 
good estimate of what that site has cost and is costing them. Their 
solution of having participants contribute to a first pass evaluation 
and then moving on to their paid staff seems a sensible compromise. 

I feel pretty good about it given *which* people on the PDML have 
contributed to the judging. It's unreasonable to expect this standard 
from *all* the people who help out with voting, but I'll bet it's the 
better photographers as a rule who put most of the time and effort into 

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