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Wed Nov 14 15:56:53 EST 2007

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> Ironically, it's film that has been driving my computer upgrades lately.
> Digital requires much less storage, RAM or processing power than
> manipulating high-res scans. My MF scans are easily in the 150MB range,
> and even 35mm is ~60MB. That's a big difference from 10-20MB RAWs.
> LF is even worse. Opening a single 4x5 scan brings my system to its knees.
> I actually have to downsize it to save a JPEG, otherwise PS runs out of
> RAM on a 2GB system. And I'm only scanning at 1200dpi (Scanning Fuji pack
> film prints).

I'm more begrudging of the time than the equipment, which is one of the
reasons I upgraded my computer again recently. Faster computer = less time
spent on image processing.
When I count in my time, digital is a huge resource user.

William Robb

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