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> Excellent work on both   images.   The composition in the view from beneath 
> great  and the  converging verticals on the second shot add impact - 
>  definitely not one to try  to fix the perspective!
>  Structures from a time when infrastructure didn't  just have to be  purely 
> functional.

Indeed.  And, if you look  at the location, there was no need to make it 
other than purely  functional.

Well  done for recording this (in an interesting way, too) before some 
philistine has  it removed because it needs a little  maintenance.

Interesting, Mike. That lets me see what  was in those dirt mounds, nothing. 
It's been a very dry year. I think there is  water there some years. But not 
sure. Although I have seen pictures of water on  some site related to the Water 

I doubt they will, they spent a  lot of money restoring it and a lot of time, 
three years. It seems to be a  preprocessing plant, filtering water from 
various damns before it goes to SF.  But I am not sure about that.

Thanks for the aerial shot.

Marnie  aka Doe :-)

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