Peso - My own HDR

Tim Øsleby ti-oes at
Wed Jan 17 12:32:52 EST 2007

I'm sorry to say, that's not snow. That's just a handful of ice crystals ;-)
Seriously. We don't call snow unless it is an inch of the stuff, or at least
the ground is cowered in white. 

This said. I can imagine you being excited by the sight :-)  

Mostly harmless (just plain Norwegian)

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Had a nice and rare subject: snow in Texas (not north).  Thought I would 
take advantage of that to give HDR a try:

If you click on the thumbnail version you get the bigger version.  For 
those on slower connections, the big version is about 600K bytes 
unfortunately, I forgot to lower the quality during the JPG conversion.

Thanks for looking,


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