PESO - Rally racing

Mark Roberts msroberts01 at
Tue Jan 16 19:01:27 EST 2007

Doug Franklin wrote:

>John Francis wrote:
>> I want to see how the K10D handles panning with a 1/10 shutter speed.
>> It might not work.  There again, it might do something interesting.
>Unless the cars are virtually at a standstill, I wouldn't expect you to
>need any shutter speeds slower than 1/30, and probably relatively few
>slower than 1/125.  For cars passing me at ~100 kph, I typically use a
>shutter speed of around 1/250, which gives good blurry wheels, but is
>still fast enough that I get a keeper or two. :-)

For motorcycle roadracing (shooting with the 80-200/2.8), I found that 
between 1/180 and 1/250 usually gave me good sharpness with enough 
background blur to convey a sense of motion.

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