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Wed Jan 10 14:19:36 EST 2007

On 1/10/07 2:07 PM, "Tom C", <cakaltm at> wrote:

> Case in point in the news recently.  Some Muslim cab drivers at airports
> that will not carry passengers that are transporting wine or alcohol after
> arriving home from a trip.  Their personal convictions or religious beliefs
> are fine but should not go so far as to stop them providing a fair public
> utility to all.

It comes down to commonsense rather than selfishness.  Most countries who
accept immigrants are tolerant ones.  But most immigrants were not invited
(in the sense of formality) but went there at their own will and convenience
(or as refugees).  They have their own culture and heritage which would be
appreciated, but they should not try to enforce it upon host countries that
have their own culture and heritage.
It's actually simple.
I am a "refugee' from Japan (overcrowded) and keep my Japanese heritage, but
never experienced any conflicts or discrimination etc, as long as I kept the
balance, although I am now a full fledged Canadian with citizenship.
I never felt the need to inflict my heritage on other people.


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