Strange 360FGZ behaviour with K10D

Bruce Dayton bkdayton at
Tue Jan 9 18:18:49 EST 2007

My understanding and usage of A mode is that there is a sensor on the
flash that is used instead of the one in the body.  The flash can be
set to any parameters that you want, independent of the body.  This
allows you to control the flash as you want.  It lets you do fill
flash by telling the flash that it is brighter than it really is.

So although it initially reads the ISO the body has set, it can be

It sounds to me that your flash is working as it is supposed to.  I
have had 2 AF360FGZ's for several years and they have been working all
along.  They work exactly as you describe on the K10D.  Basically you
either live with P-TTL mode and flash settable compensation, or you
switch to A or M and control the flash as you like.


Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 2:32:30 PM, you wrote:

T> Very weird.
T> I can confirm that even with fresh batteries (alkaline but well they
T> provide 1.5V each and were perfectly new one) that unless in M mode
T> (camera) I can only choose PTTL or SB.
T> Also, it will not show correct parameters when in A mode (flash) and M
T> mode (camera). My FA50/1.4 exhibits the same problem ad my FA 100/3.5
T> MAcro.

T> Defenitely not bettery related.

T> So either the camera(firmware?) or flash is faulty !

T> 2007/1/9, Bruce Dayton <bkdayton at>:
>> Hmmm....I just put one of my AF360FGZ flashes on my K10D and was able
>> to cycle between P-TTL, A, M and SB.  The lens in place was the DA
>> 16-45/4.
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>> Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 11:37:02 AM, you wrote:
>> T> Here are a couple observations since I took time to play a bit with
>> T> external flash on my K10D. I have no other flash to test to compare
>> T> results.
>> T> * Exposure seems to be mostly OK (PTTL mode). At least way better than
>> T> RTF which tends to overexpose (based on my short experience since I
>> T> have had my K10D for only a couple days).
>> T> * Mode selection on the flash itself is screwed up. Basicaly, except
>> T> in M mode, I can only choose P-TTL or SB (AF assist only). Not having
>> T> TTL is of course normal but I cannot access A mode nor M mode which is
>> T> weird to say the least. Pushing mode button will cycle between PTTL
>> T> and SB , period.
>> T> * M mode allows to select A mode and M mode but... It seems appart
>> T> from the ISO, the exposure parameters are not shown correctly on the
>> T> flash screen. I was using FA 100/3.5 macro and the screen showed f/2.8
>> T> !! However the camera of course showed correct info. Also, the flashed
>> T> showed 58mm as max zoom. It'd be correct with an DA lens but with an
>> T> FA lens it is very.. disturbing !!
>> T> * If I let the flash powered-on and do power-off the camera and then
>> T> back on, I can choose whatever mode until I take a picture. After this
>> T> picture the camera forces again the flash to only accept PTTL and SB.
>> T> * In the couple shots I tried in A mode (using the power on/off trick)
>> T> exposure didn't seem far off but it is way to early to traw a
>> T> conclusion as far as I'm concerned.
>> T> Now, a firmware update will hopefully take care of this. They'd
>> T> better. Or then upgrade the flash but that'd be harder ...
>> T> It doesn't change my love for this camera. I don't like using flash,
>> T> probably because I'm unable to do it well enough but that won't help
>> T> me for sure ;)
>> T> Is somebody able to confirm this behaviour and maybe try with a 540FGZ
>> T> ? I guess it works the same way as IMO the camera is the culprit here.
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