Strange 360FGZ behaviour with K10D

Thibouille pentaxlist at
Tue Jan 9 17:32:30 EST 2007

Very weird.
I can confirm that even with fresh batteries (alkaline but well they
provide 1.5V each and were perfectly new one) that unless in M mode
(camera) I can only choose PTTL or SB.
Also, it will not show correct parameters when in A mode (flash) and M
mode (camera). My FA50/1.4 exhibits the same problem ad my FA 100/3.5

Defenitely not bettery related.

So either the camera(firmware?) or flash is faulty !

2007/1/9, Bruce Dayton <bkdayton at>:
> Hmmm....I just put one of my AF360FGZ flashes on my K10D and was able
> to cycle between P-TTL, A, M and SB.  The lens in place was the DA
> 16-45/4.
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> Bruce
> Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 11:37:02 AM, you wrote:
> T> Here are a couple observations since I took time to play a bit with
> T> external flash on my K10D. I have no other flash to test to compare
> T> results.
> T> * Exposure seems to be mostly OK (PTTL mode). At least way better than
> T> RTF which tends to overexpose (based on my short experience since I
> T> have had my K10D for only a couple days).
> T> * Mode selection on the flash itself is screwed up. Basicaly, except
> T> in M mode, I can only choose P-TTL or SB (AF assist only). Not having
> T> TTL is of course normal but I cannot access A mode nor M mode which is
> T> weird to say the least. Pushing mode button will cycle between PTTL
> T> and SB , period.
> T> * M mode allows to select A mode and M mode but... It seems appart
> T> from the ISO, the exposure parameters are not shown correctly on the
> T> flash screen. I was using FA 100/3.5 macro and the screen showed f/2.8
> T> !! However the camera of course showed correct info. Also, the flashed
> T> showed 58mm as max zoom. It'd be correct with an DA lens but with an
> T> FA lens it is very.. disturbing !!
> T> * If I let the flash powered-on and do power-off the camera and then
> T> back on, I can choose whatever mode until I take a picture. After this
> T> picture the camera forces again the flash to only accept PTTL and SB.
> T> * In the couple shots I tried in A mode (using the power on/off trick)
> T> exposure didn't seem far off but it is way to early to traw a
> T> conclusion as far as I'm concerned.
> T> Now, a firmware update will hopefully take care of this. They'd
> T> better. Or then upgrade the flash but that'd be harder ...
> T> It doesn't change my love for this camera. I don't like using flash,
> T> probably because I'm unable to do it well enough but that won't help
> T> me for sure ;)
> T> Is somebody able to confirm this behaviour and maybe try with a 540FGZ
> T> ? I guess it works the same way as IMO the camera is the culprit here.
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> T> Thibault Massart aka Thibouille
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