Ford and Microsoft go wireless

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Mon Jan 8 15:04:38 EST 2007

What's a curry hook?

Kenneth Waller

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Subject: Re: Ford and Microsoft go wireless

> More importantly, how many & how big are the cup holders, does it have
> a curry hook as standard and a hot/cold drink warmer/cooler?
> These are the more important features IMHO.
> Dave
> On 1/8/07, Kenneth Waller <kwaller at> wrote:
>> Its Ford way of catching up. My understanding it will have the 
>> capabilities
>> of "Bluetooth" systems that are now available in some high end Japanese
>> vehicles.
>> Kenneth Waller
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>> Subject: OT: Ford and Microsoft go wireless
>> >
>> > I get press releases from the North American International Auto Show.
>> > Today, I received a summary of a joint release from Ford and
>> > Microsoft saying that all Ford vehicles will be equipped with
>> > wireless routers and internet receivers. I'm not sure how this will
>> > work or what the details might be. It could be much ado about
>> > nothing. But I'm going down to the show tomorrow to do a few pics for
>> > clients, so i'll try to get the full text of the release.
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