Glimpse of DA*50-135? Tokina 50-135mm lens review

Mark Roberts msroberts01 at
Thu Jan 4 22:36:51 EST 2007

David Savage wrote:

>At 11:31 AM 5/01/2007, Paul Stenquist  wrote:
>>Digital Image Studio wrote:
>>> On 05/01/07, William Robb <w__robb at> wrote:
>>>> Holy Man!!!
>>>> That lens has 18!!!!!! elements in 14 groups.
>>>> Thats 28 air/glass interfaces, and 8 glass/glass interfaces.
>>>> Consider that when you judge it's flare resistance in what can
>>>> only be described as a torture test.
>>>> OTOH, my old SMC Takumar 6x7 5/4.5 has awful flare resistance.
>> >
>> > Apparently the sky is falling ;-)
>>Yes, We can be sure that a company that has built some of the world's
>>greatest lenses has now gotten it completely wrong:-).
>I'm reserving my judgement until I see a side by side comparison with 
>FA* 80-200mm f2.8.

...which is 16 elements in 13 groups. :)

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