A couple of PESOs

William Robb w__robb at accesscomm.ca
Wed Jan 3 14:29:47 EST 2007

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From: "Gonz" Subject: Re: A couple of PESOs

>> http://users.accesscomm.ca/wrobb/pictures/peso/recent/fullmoon.html
> The moon picture looks a little soft, that could be because of the SR
> interacting with the tripod, or the light cloud cover you mentioned.
> But it almost looks as if the focus is not right.  My 300mm has the
> problem that infinity focus is just slightly before you reach the end of
> the focus range, and I have to be careful with shots like this.  Might
> you have a similar problem?

Anything is possible. The 600 does focus well past infinity, so one does 
need to use care. I was kneeling in the wet snow (it didn't freeze here last 
night, which is very bizarre, as normal nighttime temps should be in the -20 
to -30 range) with the camera pointed almost straight up. I noted that there 
was a slow oscilation of the camera, so I left the shake reduction on, but i 
was definitely shooting through haze as well.
If we get a clear night tonight, I may repeat the picture and see if shake 
reduction is helping or hindering.
Thanks for the suggestions and for looking..

William Robb 

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