More rumors ... (and happy New Year)

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Tue Jan 2 00:52:12 EST 2007

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>I should rephrase that, the amount
> of overcoverage needed for AS is small
> relative to the size of the image
> circle or diagonal on a FF sensor.

I realize this will vary from lens to lens, but what is the median size of 
the projected image circle on the Pentax lenses you are familiar with? I 
suppose one should take the smallest value if the projection changes size 
with aperture.
My reason for asking is that I think it would be nice if the shake reduction 
technology could be assimilated into a 24x36mm DSLR, but I've always been of 
the impression that most 35mm camera lenses don't offer much coverage beyond 
the 35mm frame. It's what I was taught when I was learning the nuts and 
bolts of photographic theory.

William Robb 

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