Back in town and gasping for breath

Mark Roberts msroberts01 at
Tue Jan 16 18:59:23 EST 2007

Got back from a 4-day weekend in Florida yesterday and then went 
straight off to the first day of class today. Barely time to pause for 
breath. Second semester of teaching these courses is going to go quite 
a bit more smoothly than the first :)

Didn't do much photography at all while away :( but it was good 
visiting the family. Dr. Lisa and I went mountain biking (in a state 
with no mountains!) and had a blast. There's a huge bike trail system 
through the forests near Ocala. I'd never tried off-road bicycling 
before and this might become habit-forming! (BTW: For carrying in a 
sling pack while bicycling, the small size of the ist-D makes it my 
preferred choice over the K10D - no contest.)

I did get a couple of interesting shots of an enormous spider in my 
brother's garden and some possibly-good (haven't had a proper look yet) 
shots of a live oak with an amazing collection of vines climbing up it. 
Also a neat "Annsan" photo, I think :)

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