TTL/P-TTL question

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at
Wed Jan 3 13:46:48 EST 2007

 	A friend of mine with a *ist-DL just bought a cheepie TTL flash 
and was surprised to discover that it didn't work.  I seemed to recall 
that was one of the neuterings that Pentax did between the DS and the DL 
(removed TTL flash).  Sure enough, it seemed to work fine on my -DS... 
even with an pre-A lens!

 	So, upon checking the respective camera manuals (pp 177 on the -DS 
and 178 on the -DL), the table agreed.  One thing I found strange 
though... P-TTL alegedly *doesn't* work with an A lens on a -DS but does 
on a -DL.  Can anyone verify this?  What about with a pre-A lens?  It 
seems weird to me that it *would* work on a -DS but would on a -DL.

 	If that's the case, if I were looking to get a more automatic 
flash than the three Vivitar 285's I've got, I should probably get a TTL 
instead of a P-TTL.  What are the drawbacks to that?



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